Air and Land Transport

Al Rahmaniyah Solutions provides a safe and reliable door-to-door horse transportation and horse hauling internationally and regionally. We operate weekly, using professionally managed air-flights and land hauling. We provide highly qualified grooms to accompany the horses on their journeys, making sure they arrive stress-free to their destinations. Our transport system includes, round the clock management, horse care, security systems, and equine first aid. We understand whether your horse is champion or a companion, they are both equally important and this is why we treat each horse with the highest care and attention.

Equine Dentistry

Our equine dentistry provides a complete dental service from routine procedures including rasping, balancing of teeth and wolf teeth extraction. We encourage a small sedative to provide a relaxed and safe dental examination. The horse’s head will be safely rested on an assistant’s shoulder to facilitate a highly detailed oral examination with any corrective treatments carried out quickly and efficiently, minimizing stress for the owner, horse and vet. With over 32 years of experience, are proud to say that we use the safest and most precise method of dental procedures with guaranteed costumer and horse satisfaction.

Farrier Services

Our experienced farrier, who has been shoeing over 15 years, is an expert in tradition and adhesive shoeing. He works on a variety of cases such as Hot and Cold shoeing, Trimming, Remedial Trimming, Navicular, Conformation, Laminitic cases and Abscess pockets. He has worked with a variety of sport horses such as racing, show jumping, endurance, show arabians and ponies. Our Farriers, works efficiently and gives a good amount  of time for the work resulting in the best outcome.

Horse Sales

Al Rahmaniyah Solutions presents a professional buying experience showcasing the best quality of horses from all disciplines and breeds guaranteeing you’ll find your next equine partner. We offer horses from different age groups, breeds, gender and color. We offer free consultation to our clients to help them pick their perfect match. All our horse are vet-checked prior to sales to guarantee the buyer that they are purchasing sound and healthy horses. No horse is impossible to find at Al Rahmaniyah Solutions!


Horse Insurance

We appreciate the risks all horse owners face. We know, because we are horse owners and riders ourselves. Owning a horse can be very demanding. With the advancement of diagnosis, treatments, surgeries and medications of horse welfare, veterinary bills are constantly increasing. Our insurance covers death and pays partial veterinary bills.